"Pocitos de Luz" (light wells)

This work corresponds to the stories and tales that my grandmother told us as a child. The Milky Way was a Great River made of stars where large ships and fantastic boats sailed and always rested in a single port, and when we asked where the port was, the answer was "Behind the little house of God". Nowadays, being a man and painter, I paint this scene as a tribute to my grandmother, since it is one of the strongest images and vivid memory. Every time I look at sky, it’s impossible that this memory does not appear.

"Bailongo" (Dance party)

This scene is based on those images of the carnivals in the 70s, when neighborhood clubs closed a street along a block, and all in full light, with tables served with vermouth and “chori” (Argentinean sausage), to the sound of typical popular songs. Very placid times, with parishioners with another interior biorhythm, neither better nor worse, that of the time; and that sky that started to get clear after 5am; other times, another look, visual treasures stored in the soul.

“Luciernagas” (Fireflies)

In this work I’m looking for a summer weather, making the typically cold blue colors sound as warm colors, achieving this by the juxtaposition of the colors of the soil over the blue. Regarding the theme, we see a train rolling, safe and firm in its track, in a space, let’s say, against the sky; that is the scenography, a dialogue between the top and the bottom, between heaven and earth, where their language, their communication, is the light. In the distance the stars flicker and here on the earth the fireflies do so, in a dialogue, a strange mirror. That was the idea, "the dialogue". And the Southern Cross always there, giving as a location in the cosmos, like an old sailor who seeks his guidance high in the sky, to take his ship to destination, magical realism, that is the port.


Design and programing: Absolute Comunicación / MX Media